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Temple of Chrysalis


Temple of Chrysalis is an occult philosophical paradigm, based on the discovery of the Ideal Self and multiplying one’s potential, through powerful transformation and influencing of the mind. This process and ideology, inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly, is referred to as Chrysalis.

The Chrysalis path adopts a more scientific approach to what is often considered supernatural. An essential part of the paradigm is to explore the concept of reality and how it can be affected by your own actions and surroundings. The paradigm is for those of you who wish to consolidate enjoyment, the moments of pleasure and the energy of your core to be part of your life.

The paradigm is overseen, protected, refined and cherished by the Temple of Chrysalis. The Temple serves more in-depth knowledge, support and help for the initiated. It also offers a community where the goal is to maximize the benefits of the Chrysalis ideology and move closer to the ideal self, the Imago. The best version of yourself.

You can enter Chrysalis on a multitude of levels; participating in events and gatherings, following the paradigm, joining in the Temple and its activities – or becoming a Chrysoteria member. All in all, if something you just read resonates with you, most likely you have the right and honor to call yourself a Chrysalid.

The creator of the Temple of Chrysalis is a Finnish witch, occultist, and a professional Community Manager who goes by the pseudonym “Blackthorn”. And today Blackthorn also carries the leading title of the Temple: Luminary.

Temple of Chrysalis


The main theme of the Temple is change and transformation - both of which can be better amplified and controlled by gaining an understanding of the secrets of the mind. The process of transformation in the Chrysalis path is inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly.

Chrysalids explore the depths of the mind and familiarize themselves with different methods that can be used to influence the mind. The mind is your most important tool in the Chrysalis path.

Spanish moss in a jar for a curse


Reality Shaping is a way of practicing the ritualistic path of the Temple, and one could describe it as a combination of psychology, self-suggestion, witchcraft and occult.

In practice, we shape the way we or the people around us interpret the sensory feedback sent by the environment, using the Old Arts of the world.

Basics to get you started

All the information can feel a bit overwhelming. But here are some of the key things to help you to understand what the Temple of Chrysalis is all about.

Temple of Chrysalis The Chrysalis Path


The Edict is a statement of the laws governing the Temple, containing its Pillars, Code and the obligations of all Chrysalids.

The Pillars are a set of thesis, given by the Luminary, and they are about the construction of the Universe, relationships, responsibility, good and evil, pleasure, and other topics concerning the Chrysalid world-view.



The Kaleidoscopes are one of the most fascinating features of Chrysalis. They are like "Houses" that can be used to examine the world, its secrets, and its occurrences, from various perspectives. The Kaleidoscopes can also be used to figure out one’s personality through how much of each Kaleidoscope it contains.


Butterflies and moths

Chrysalis is the stage in the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly, where the butterfly develops during its pupa stage. The butterfly larva is nearly destroyed whilst undergoing its pupa before it begins to develop into an adult butterfly, Imago. This cycle is adored in the Temple of Chrysalis as it is the basis of spiritual metamorphosis: resurrection requires death, and a great spiritual change often requires leaving things behind.

The Cult Leader and Chrysoteria Hostess:

Luminary Blackthorn

Luminary Blackthorn on is the founder and creator of the Temple of Chrysalis, who found her spark to build the Chrysalis Path after surviving her own depression and trauma backgrounds. Her presence tends to be a catalyst for change, and she is known as a “Prefulgé” among Chrysalids.

Her backgrounds are in traditional witchcraft, Chaos Magic, Dragon Rouge, Finnish Neopaganism, urban shamanism and many other forms of witchcraft. She is also is an expert of community development and management, a prefessional performer and group leader, who publishes articles and videos about empowering topics and visits different events as a speaker.

Blackthorn highlights that her own spiritual growth is a continuous learning process, and she is not trying to replace professional help: Luminary’s role is simply to offer support, inspiration, encouragement, guidance and an alternative path to those who wish to receive it.

Nationality: Finnish
Zodiac: Gemini

Personality: Creative, rebellious, liberal, spontaneous, hedonistic, philosophical, perfectionist, challenging, independent, stubborn, radiant, quick-minded.


Chrysalis magic
Traditional witchcraft
Chaos magic
Finnish folk magic
Eclectic & New Age
Discordianism (Yes, she is the Pope)
Urban shamanism
Dragon Rouge

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Cult progression


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Cultists sacrificed


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Disruption caused

The Difference between a Chrysoteria member and an initiated member


As a Chrysoteria member, you are a Chrysalid: Someone who likes and follows the system of the Temple of Chrysalis. 

However, membership does not yet mean that you are part of the so called Inner Circle. Chrysoteria will help you greatly in your path and might even give you some benefits. But Chrysoteria is not “pay to get initiated” system. We value trust and loyalty and those are things that money alone can’t prove.

The good thing is that you also are not responsible to the Temple, unlike the initiated. Only to your monthly membership fee. So a Chrysoteria member never has to interact with the Temple, but an initiated IS the Temple. Very simple!


A Telea has proven their loyalty and worth to the Temple. They have been initiated in a ceremonial ritual and they automatically have access to all existing information of the Temple.

You can’t pay to get an initiation. It has to be earned. But Chrysoteria is an extremely brilliant way to show your devotion and character. Who knows. Maybe your forum activity and beautiful Chrysalid mindset catches the Pantheon’s eyes!

So shortly, a Chrysoteria member is responsible of paying their membership fee and following the code of conduct and Terms of Service. A Telea is responsible of fulfilling their duties, directly to the Temple.

Become a member and learn about the Temple of Chrysalis